Variable Frequency Drives

 Variable Frequency Drives

E3 series IP66 Washdown Duty Drives

Enclosed drives for direct machine mounting, dust tight and ready for washdown duty

Available in

1/2 HP -1.5 HP – 110V single phase input – 230V three phase output

1HP -2HP – 575V input, 575V output

Optidrive E3 IP66 Switched – all of our drives come switched as standard

Simply wire up the drive, turn the inbuilt potentiometer and the motor will start running.

Key Features

  • Sensorless Vector Control for all Motor Types
    • Sensorless Vector provides high starting torque and excellent speed regulation.
  • Dust tight design
    • Install Directly on your processing equipment and be sure of protection from dust and contaminants
  • Washdown Ready
    • With a sealed ABS enclosure and corrosion resistant heatsink, the optidrive E3 IP66 is ideal for high pressure washdown applications
  • Coated Heatsink as standard
    • Ideal for hygiene based operations requiring washdown – such as food and beverage
  • Fanless Heatsink
    • For reliable, cost effective operation

Application Macros

Switch modes at the touch of a button to optimise Optidrive E3 for your application.

  1. Industrial Mode – optimises Optidrive E3 for load characteristics of typical industrial applications.
    • Applications include: Conveyor, Mixers, Treadmills
  2. Pump Mode – makes energy efficient pump control easier than ever.
    • Applications include: Dosing Pumps, Transfer Pumps, Borehole Pumps
  3. Fan Mode – makes air handling a breeze, ideal for simple HVAC systems.