Motors – Stainless Steel



  • IP69K RATED CSA – C us CE Certified ULR
    • Motors will withstand water pressure of between 1160-1450PSI, at a temperature of 176°F / 80°C
  • Inverter duty – Nema MG 1 Part 31
  • Laser Etched Nameplate
  • Oversized Bearings on both ends c/w Locked Drive-end
  • Oversized Conduit Box c/w Lead Seal
  • Drill & Tapped Drains
  • Double Lip Contact Seals
  • Corrosion Resistant


  • IP69K rating ensures Motors have been tested to withstand water pressure of between 1160-1450PSI, at a temperature of 176°F / 80°C
  • Laser etched nameplates eliminate all points where bacteria can grow
  • Corrosion Resistance means less down time
  • Fully Wash-Down our products with no fear of flaking paint or washing out holes where bacteria can hide

What is IP69K certified?

Products that are IP69K rated are ideal for applications where hygiene and cleanliness are critical. They are proven to be durable and resistant against water, chemicals, high pressure, and high temperatures associated with demanding cleaning and safety measures.

Stainless Steel – TEFC

HPRPMNEMA FrameVoltage230/460V575V
1/6175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM1644CSSM1645C
1/4175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM1444CSSM1445C
1/3175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM1344CSSM1345C
1/2175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM1244CSSM1245C
3/4175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM3444CSSM3445C
1175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM0144CSSM0145C
11750145TC208-230/460 OR 575VSSM0144CTSSM0145CT
1.5175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM3244CSSM3245C
1.51750145TC208-230/460 OR 575VSSM3244CTSSM3245CT
2175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM0244CSSM0245C
21750145TC208-230/460 OR 575VSSM0244CTSSM0245CT
31750182TC208-230/460 OR 575VSSM0344CTSSM0345CT
51750184TC208-230/460 OR 575VSSM0544CTSSM0545CT

Stainless Steel – TENV

HPRPMNEMA FrameVoltage230/460V575V
1/2175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM1244CNVSSM1245CNV
3/4175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM3444CNVSSM3445CNV
1175056C208-230/460 OR 575VSSM0144CNVSSM0145CNV

Stainless Steel – TEFC

HPRPMIEC FRAMEVoltage230/460V575V
1/6175063B14208-230/460 OR 575VSSM124463B14SSM124563B14
1/4175063B14208-230/460 OR 575VSSM184463B14SSM184563B14
1/3175071B14208-230/460 OR 575VSSM254471B14SSM254571B14
1/2175071B14208-230/460 OR 575VSSM374471B14SSM374571B14

Stainless Steel – TENV

HPRPMIEC FRAMEVoltage230/460V575V
1/4175063B14208-230/460 OR 575VSSM184463B14NVSSM184563B14NV

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