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Whether you are processing food, beverages or pharmaceuticals Keltech Ltd’s Stainless Steel Motors and Gears are the clear choice to ensure safety & cleanliness every time. No coatings or paints means less maintenance while ensuring that nothing from the Motors and Gears affects the taste, scent or colour of your products.

Our goal has always been to deliver products to our customers that are of superior quality and that adhere to strict industry guidelines and government regulations. In addition to this mandate we also want to ensure products bearing the Keltech name are able to be delivered in a timely fashion and at a fair market price.

An Innovator for over 30 years Keltech Ltd has received many awards and accolades from industry leaders for its outstanding performance and excellence.

As a forward thinking company the team at Keltech takes pride in our knowledge and service and we are always looking for ways to improve our products to best serve our customer’s needs.

Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Because you deserve products made from the best materials and nothing stands up to a wet or corrosive environment as well as stainless steel. That’s why it’s considered the most desirable material for Wash-Down duty motor frames and other exterior motor surfaces.

Why Keltech Motors and Gears?

Our Motors are designed with smooth bodies that are round welded on conduit boxes with laser etched nameplates to eliminate all points where bacteria can grow. Our reducers are designed with smooth surfaces and no holes on three sides. This allows for the ability to fully Wash-Down our products with no fear of flaking paint or washing out holes where bacteria can hide.

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