Customization Shop

Keltech’s in house customization shop, led by industry trained professionals, ensures that our Keltech brand gearboxes can be safely customized to meet the unique specifications your job requires.

Our Gearboxes have been developed over the last 30 years to adapt to everchanging markets; in turn this means our team of technicians are able to tap into that knowledge base and ensure you can work within the parameters of the job, while also coming up with innovative, cost effect solutions.

At Keltech we’re more than just a motor and gearbox manufacturer; need a standard 56C input converted to Metric form, that’s not an issue for our team. Need to adapt a coupling for a hand turn wheel instead, our team can take any standard input coupling and customize it into a solid input shaft in order too meet those requirements.

We also have the special ability to take our standard output bore and modify it to multiple different sizes to meet your conveyor demands. Some examples are 18MM, 20MM, and 25MM, plus many more.

Contact us today and one of our sales team would be more than happy to discuss your customization needs.