Our Aluminum Products


K30A – K85A

  • Single Piece aluminum alloy housing
  • Single piece alloy steel input and worm shaft.
  • Oversized Input and Output bearings
  • Standard hollow output shaft mounting
  • Impregnated and machined bearing caps
  • Standard Nema C flange


Light Weight Aluminum Motors. Three Phase 208-230/460 & 575V

Available in Nema and Metric Frames

  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • CSA – CE and UL Certified
  • True Inverter Duty Wire Standard, 4:1 Con, 10:1 Var
  • Fin Body design for cooler running temperatures.
  • Oversized Conduit box complete with strain relief connector.
  • Different Conduit box options available upon request

Inline Ratio Multipliers

Aluminum Inline Ratio Multipliers

  • Paint free aluminum. Will not chip or flake overtime
  • Standard Nema C flange for easy installation and replacement. Also available in IEC
  • Single Piece aluminum alloy housing
  • Can be used with optional feet kit as a stand alone helical inline reducer
  • Can be combined with our right angle reducers to create slower outut speeds