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All of our 6 sizes of Stainless Steel gearboxes, and new SSM motors are IP69K certified. 

What is IP69K Certified

The IP69K rating provides protection against the ingress of dust and high temperature, high pressure water. Making products with
this certification ideal for use in industries such as food processing, where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount.
To obtain the IP69K rating the product will withstand water pressure of between 1160-1450 psi, at a temperature of 176°F/80°C.
IP69K rating is the highest protection available.

What Are the Advantages of IP69K

In environments that require heavy washdown, the combination of water, chemicals, high pressure and temperatures can prove
fatal for certain equipment. The IP69K rating o?ers complete assurance that the piece of equipment that has undergone this test
conforms to the highest protection rating on the scale.

IP69K Explained.
IP- Ingress protection
6 - Dust tight. No Ingress of dust
9K - Protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.


Please Download the newest version of our IP69K Catalog from the link below.  

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